Absolutely NOT – Fake/Counterfeit perfumes are intentionally sold to be the branded original. Fake fragrances usually contain harmful chemicals and you might be lucky they won’t give you some rashes. On the other hand, we consider ourselves a clone house where we intentionally produce similar interpretations to the luxurious/niche brand fragrances at a bargain without quality to suffer. Think H&M, Zara or other fast fashion brands that sells affordable versions of high fashion designers brands.

Price is one of the most important factors in a buyer’s decision to purchase a product. But how do we justify the cost of our products? I’m pretty sure you agree that the cost of the product is directly related to its quality. If you’re providing a high-quality product, then it’s worth spending more on it because it will last longer and provide more value in the long run. If you’re providing a low-quality product, then no matter how cheap it is, people won’t simply repurchased because they know they won’t be getting their money’s worth. We take pride in our quality, and truly believe that it shows in every product that leaves our doors.

Fake perfumes try to emulate every element of the genuine perfume from the aroma profile to the packaging, the wording on the box, the box design, and literally everything, selling and passing it off as an original. This is prohibited and deemed fraud because you are misleading the customer or buyer to believe the product is genuine when it clearly isn’t. Clone perfumes are perfumes made by clone houses that replicate the scent profile of the OG perfume they intend to reproduce, while being ethical enough by informing the buyer that the perfume is their own interpretation and would smell similar to ABC. There is no deception here since the packaging, particularly the bottle, will not resemble any genuine fragrance.

It’s all about your personal preferences and how much you want the world to smell you. If you prefer something that has a strong projection, go with a spray. And every time you check in on it, it’ll smell like something slightly different. But if you want something more intimate, a scent that trails behind you or something subtle that won’t trigger your coworkers’ allergies, or love layering different scents, go for a perfume oil—what you’ll get is an aroma that is subtle but long lasting and consistent.

While it was brought up to our attention that a couple of local inspired by brands are clearly doing this, we prefer to stir away from any drama and mind our own business. Rest assured that we stand by our products and don’t repackage knockoffs. Our perfume oils are made with the finest ingredients that we can find. All of our compounds use only IFRA approved essences. All our finished products are handmade in small batches, and we are taking our sweet time to ensure you’re getting the highest quality perfume possible for you to enjoy.

We don’t stock a lot of products in our inventory because we sell only the best and highest quality perfume oils available, handpicked from the best manufacturers around the world, and we carry only small quantities of each item. We believe that this kind of focused selection helps us stay on top of the game and quality.

Absolutely not, we only source our top shelf compounds direct to the best compound manufacturers you can find today. We have developed strong relationships with these manufacturers, and they are the top of the game in terms of reverse engineering of anything fragrance related and has done number of fragrances to some of the well-known designer houses you see today. The final product is blended here in the Philippines.